Gorgeous BMW-designed Level 10 tower spotted in the wild, still gorgeous

I'm rather partial to cases that do away with your average big box form factor — take a look at the Antec Skeleton, for instance — and the Level 10 by BMW DesignworksUSA does so with an alluring panache. We showed you a peek of the case earlier this month, and, now that we've seen it for real, it really does live up to those first shots.

The group designed the tower for PC component manufacturer ThermalTake to show off at the CeBIT technology expo in Germany, and, boy, does it show off well. Everything from the motherboard to the drives have their own molded enclosures, and yet none of it looks bulky or jumbled, thanks to its razor-thin body. With such an unforgiving case, though, I'd hate to find out that the awesome graphics card I bought doesn't fit.

No word on anything like specifications or availability, but, hey, they took the time to build the thing — roll out a few thousand more and put this puppy on shelves!

The Inquirer, via CNET