Comment Spotlight: Awesome stuff you loved

This week we saw a whole bunch of great gadgets. My favorite? This crazily fast steam-powered car, but I like anything that looks like it just rolled off the set of Blade Runner.

We took a look at what got you talking the most. Here's what you loved:

Astonishing video: Most gigantic model railroad in the world
"Too bad my 10 hour layover is in Frankfurt instead of Hamburg, I would love to see this! It's quite intimidating, especially for someone just beginning to put a mini-landscape together for a mini-train. I have lots to do, I see! Astounding!" — Rose

GlideCycle: fun bike for the disabled
"$1,700 isn't bad for a bike. People pay $5,000 for a good bike. Besides, it's probably covered by insurance like most medical equipment. Anyway, they say they are coming out with a consumer version which will be cheaper. I think anything that helps to give people mobility is a good thing." — AlexTheCylon

Insane conceptual headphones might get you some weird looks
"Digging the wings! But I know I'll get my @ss kicked if I walk down the street wearing these and singing 'I Believe I Can Fly.'" — Washout

7 foot long Lego Star Wars cruiser is epic in its awesomeness
"What a fantastic piece of work. It's nice to see a fan's affection expressed in such an innovative medium. Glad to see some fans that don't have an attention span of a mosquito. Carry on!" — Dragonhung

Review: vReveal software miraculously cleans up even the messiest video
"I agree with DEAF-MUTE. If the program works, it's definitely worth the $50. I can understand the desire to check programs out, but this offers a 30 day trial. Don't be a ditz. Or at least don't make it so obvious that you're a ditz." — Scanner

Hyundai BLUE-WILL, the plug-in hybrid with a face only a mother could love
"Looks like a giant cell phone to me but hey, any PHEV is a good thing to me! Our cars are 13 and 25 years old so we can't wait too much longer. BUT 'no plug ~ NO DEAL.'" — Radiocycle