'Cole Cleaner' lovingly disinfects a single soda for your drinking pleasure

Sometimes I buy a soda and notice a little gunk on the rim. So what do I do? I wipe it off or grab a straw. I hear some folks even run 'em under hot water thinking it'll disinfect it. Serious soda drinkers, however, let their soft drinks chill in a Cole Cleaner for a few minutes.

A concept by designer Leon Peng, the Cole Cleaner (not a typo) will treat your soda of choice to a little bacteria-killing UV radiation. Call me crazy, but this seems like a pretty extreme way to enjoy a soda. Granted, I'd rather not think about what gross stuff there could be on top of the can, but it only does one drink at a time, and only soft drink cans. If you're drinking enough soda to need something like this, the stuff in the can has probably already built your resistance up to the crud on the outside.

Check out the gallery below for more of Peng's Cole Cleaner.

Via Yanko Design