Blockbuster On Demand on TiVo, finally!

I'm a little pissed at my TiVo right now. I just sat down to watch this week's Lost and it's nowhere to be found. A hex on you, my devious TiVo friend. But, truth be told, I love the little bugger. Especially now.

Blockbuster just joined Amazon and Netflix by offering digital video on Tivo boxes — Series 2, Series 3, HD and HD XL TiVos, to be exact. Like those other companies, there is no financial commitment between the two companies, although Blockbuster will be selling TiVos at their stores and even online.

The new Blockbuster On Demand service will only be available on TiVo units with broadband Internet. Movies will typically cost $3.99 for a 24-hour viewing window, and they're promising newer titles than Netflix is currently offering. You have to wonder if Blockbuster is too-little-too-late on the on-demand bandwagon.

Maybe this is just my TiVo's way of kissing up to me. Nice try, TiVo — this just might win me back.

Via TiVo