BLOBbox, bringing YouTube, Facebook and 160GB to your TV

Media boxes that turn your home TV into a gateway to the Internet aren't exactly new, but Italian company TVBLOB reckons its new offering ushers in the next generation of Internet TV called TV 3.0. The Telsey BLOBbox connects to your television and broadband connection, operated by a remote control. It can receive digital television as well as put Web services like YouTube and Facebook right on your TV screen. The box even has a 160GB hard drive for PVR functionality.

BLOBbox is packed with features that include: twin digital TV tuners, direct streaming from a PC, 1080p picture quality via an HDMI port, an Ethernet connection (with optional Wi-Fi dongle), and support for BitTorrent, FTP/HTTP sites, and podcasting. Costing around $500, BLOBbox is currently geared towards the European market. However, TVBLOB is keen to license the software to others, so we could even see the BLOBbox appear in the U.S.

Via TV BLOBbox