Bang & Olufsen to ship humongous 103-inch plasma HDTV for $137K

So what if Pioneer and Vizio are bailing out of the plasma biz forthwith? Now we have Bang & Olufsen, set to slam down this 103-inch behemoth this July, and it's so honkin' huge it weighs over a half a ton. This $137,000 extravagance has an automatically motorized stand that rises to reveal a weird-looking triangular-shaped center channel speaker (see the video after the jump), a speaker that's part of the Beosound 5 audio system, a 7.1 home theater setup for which B&O sees fit to clip you an extra $5377. As if that $137K tariff wasn't enough.

On second thought, this BeoVision 4-103 is absurd. We want the crispy, clean, deep-black Pioneer Kuro to stay on the market. Waa, waa. No fretting necessary, though, there's still Samsung and Panasonic playing plasma ball, and throwing strikes all the while. And Panasonic has a 150-inch plasma piece of demoware, so there. The irony? We hear there's a Panasonic 103-inch plasma panel inside this B&O TV.

Want one anyway? Just be sure you have a pot of gold, an auditorium-sized home theater and a team of piano movers on call, and you're good to go for any of these oafs. Or, get a front projector for one-three-hundredth the price, and call it good.

FlatPanelsHD, via Electronista