Aputure Gigtube, the remote camera trigger with a screen

Aputure is a tiny Chinese company whose path to the U.S. market has so far been through eBay. It specializes in making remote camera triggers that offer similar functionality to those from major manufacturers, but at a lower cost. The Gigtube is different than any remote ever offered because it includes a screen. Compatible with any camera with a video output, the screen can automatically display an image immediately after shooting it, or can stream the video feed from live view, on cameras that have the option.

This gadget is especially useful for self-portraits and situations where the camera is positioned in a way that makes viewing the camera's screen difficult or impossible. There is a hot shoe mount for making above-the-head and low-angle shooting easier. Still, it doesn't enable the user to change any camera settings remotely, which is unfortunate.

Its rotating, pivoting LCD screen is nowhere near as clear or bright as the ones on current DSLRs, but this will hopefully change in the final production unit. Pricing and availability haven't been set, but it will have compatible connections for most DSLRs when it comes out.