Anatomically-correct Ruby rocking chair is weirdest ever

This is not your grandpappy's rocking chair. In fact, he'd wonder if "Ruby" wasn't some kind of weird torture device, but we know better than that, and so does designer Pouyan Mokhtarani. He has his Ruby design concept all figured out, right down to the individual water-filled cushions for each butt cheek.

And check out that backrest, offering visual reassurance for those who long for a six pack on their musculature; the chair goes a pair better with an eight pack. It vaguely reminds us of that Herman Miller Embody chair we favorably reviewed last week.

With a little luck, all the graphing and calculating Mokhtarani did (see it in the gallery below) might actually have something to do with comfort.

Designer Pouyan Mokhtarani, via Boing Boing