AirBike, the flying cycle for hang gliders

What cyclist wouldn't want a flying bicycle? AirBike is a hang glider attachment that lets a pedaling pilot fly to new heights, without being totally at the mercy of the wind. Human-powered aircraft (HPA) require some serious pedal power, but this device functions as a supplement for hang gliding, letting the pilot rest and glide while riding the thermals, and then pedal for extra height.

The air cyclist either sits back in a supine position, or lies face down in the usual hang glider position. It can't take off from the ground on its own, requiring normal "foot launching" of the hang glider off a mountain.

The various configurations of the AirBike start at around $2000 (not including the hang glider), and there are also an electric- and gas-powered models. Beyond the mysterious shrouded pedal mechanism, there's no mystery involved. AirBike's inventor compares it to cycling up a shallow hill, but adds, "You must WORK! It is not magic!"

AirBike, via Ecofriend