A prosthetic limb design for those who could never afford one

It may not be the best prosthetic limb out there, but it beats a peg leg — and certainly no leg at all. Designed by Tillmann Beuscher, this artificial limb takes the opposite approach to the more technically impressive ones we've seen before. Instead, it's designed to be a solid support made out of various cheap materials to, as the designer puts it, "support world-wide victims of landmines and explosive remainings of war."

As it stands at the moment, Beuscher's prosthetic is just a concept. It reminds us of another project, Professor Joshua Silver's "Silver Glasses," which may have sounded crazy at one time, too. Now the glasses have thousands of impoverished people seeing better than ever.

Here's hoping Beuscher's artificial limbs make their way to those who need it most.

Tillmann Beuscher, via Yanko Design