26 students spent five weeks training a robot to serve ice cream with awesome results

How many students does it take to program a robotic arm to serve ice cream? 26, it seems, who spent five weeks to do it. That's time well spent in my book.

"Project: Ice Cream" went down at Ohio Northern University, where the 'bots were programmed as a fun presentation for the school's homecoming festivities. The setup is actually surprisingly elaborate. Two Kuka industrial robots man their stations inside a kiosk of custom-fabricated components — all done by the students — and can serve customers a bowl of ice cream with whatever topping they want, and the 'bots even place a spoon in the dessert when it's ready to serve. Now that's some polite service!

All the robotic arms need is a cup and a spoon in the right place and they're ready to roll. Click Continue to see a video of the ice-cream-servin'-robot in action.

Hacked Gadgets, via BotJunkie