2010 Toyota Prius to debut Touch Tracer Display to help you keep your eyes on the road

Toyota's getting tricky with its upcoming Prius for 2010. Besides getting 50 mpg and sporting a solar roof, it'll have a new kind of indicator overlaying its digital speedometer mounted just below the windshield, called the Touch Tracer Display. The idea is to keep your eyes on the road, or as close to it as possible.

When you touch the steering wheel-mounted controls, a yellow indicator lights up on that speedometer just below the windshield, showing you what you're touching without the need to look all the way down at the steering wheel. Nice, but it would have been better if it were projected over the windshield itself, as the Corvette does with its head-up display.

Now if Toyota could just get people to start buying cars again, it might be onto something here. And, as the price of gas stays low, hybrid vehicles are sluggish sellers, too, so this new Prius might not be as big a hit as its predecessor. Guess we'll wait for the all-solar Prius.

Via Autoblog