Windows 7 Release Candidate makes a good OS even better

As the blogosphere goes gaga over Windows 7, Microsoft throws gasoline on the flames by soon offering a Release Candidate (RC). This updated version could be available in April, with the real Windows 7 rumored to be ready to ship in its finished form in September. And looky here — the RC update to the almost-baked OS actually has some interesting new details added.

The Redmondian engineers point out a list of 36 improvements, topped by further refinements to the excellent "Aero Peek" capability, now adding the glassy enlargement of a window as you slide through a 3D stack of windows using Alt-Tab. Vista users, you'll know what we mean. The tweak list is lengthy, so take a look at it to get an idea of how much Microsoft is listening to its beta testers.

We've been rigorously testing beta build 7000 of Windows 7 on numerous machines of all stripes here at our Midwest Test Facility, and while we're impressed with the new OS, we're not gushing over it. Nor did we think Vista was as bad as the widespread propaganda made it out it to be. As long as an operating system doesn't crash much — which none of them do any more — it's hard for us to get too excited. It's just an OS, people!

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