What did you think of the 3D Super Bowl ads? (Our verdict: Super Fail)

We went to Target to get 3D glasses, for this? Just before halftime during yesterday's Super Bowl XLIII broadcast, we all donned our paper 3D glasses with great expectations as the Dreamworks Monsters vs. Aliens commercial started up, but sighs of disappointment almost drowned out the raucous soundtrack as the spot unraveled in front of us.

Our super-bright HDTV suddenly seemed to dim to about 10% of its former self as we donned the absurd glasses, and colors were barely discernible. Yes, there were 3D effects, but who cares? The in-your-face moments looked like double images, and the 3D gimmick was more distracting than entertaining. Tempted to find some 3D glasses to experience this groundbreaking visual effect? Don't.

Immediately following that maelstrom of frenetic activity was a 3D "enhanced" SoBe ad, looking somewhat brighter, but then, it was shot with a white background. Alas, it was barely better. To think, these fools spent $7.5 million for this 2.5-minute presentation, not including the cost of all those glasses. Double fail. The emperor has no clothes.

The good news: The CEO of RealD Cinema, the technique in which Monsters vs. Aliens will be shown in theaters when it's release this March, assured us this morning that his effects are much better. "It's important to recognize that today's RealD 3D in theatres is a quantum leap better than what they saw on TV or may remember from years past." The only thing we can gather from that damage control: RealD sucks less.