Week in Review: Phones galore, great gadgets & getting ready for DTV

This week we gave you a lot of options. For instance, would you rather have a touchscreen-less slider with a fully QWERTY keyboard, or a slider with a keypad you can barely see at all? How about a bracelet that alerts you to calls? Or maybe you'd prefer one that doubles as a phone, just like Dick Tracy's? There's one choice you don't have to make, though, and that's the switch to DTV. It's coming — find out how to handle it best.

Also, don't forget to show us what you've got in our Steampunk Cylon Contest, and, in Shift, our weekly column that takes a deeper look on all things techy, we asked you: Is Obama a tech friend or foe?

Check out more great tech stories from throughout the week:

Windows Mobile 6.5 cell phone OS unveiled
Windows Mobile gets a sleek new look, heading to phones later this year.

Bodyguardz: iPhone case without the case
Shield the iPhone without bulking it up.

Nerf Tommy Gun makes my childhood dreams come true
…And now you know why Adam Frucci's dreams scare the rest of the DVICE staff.

First Look: Polaroid PoGo instant camera
Can Polaroid recapture that long lost magic?

Universal phone charger: One charger to rule them all
Luckily you won't have to throw it into a river of lava, either.

iChange: shape-shifting car controlled by your iPhone
Whether you've got one friend or three, the iChange's backseat does just that to fit them all.