Week in Review: Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

Valentine's Day is coming up tomorrow. For those of you still scrambling to make last minute purchases, you may want to check out confessions of an online shopaholic for 10 essential do's and don'ts before you click buy. We also took a look at the top seven heart-rate monitors you can buy just in case you need to keep an eye on things.

Also, if you're looking to re-Kindle those gadgets flames — hiyoo! — we took a look at everything the Kindle does, and what we want it do to. We also sized Amazon's e-reader up with the competition, reminisced about the awesome e-readers that were never realized, and, in our weekly column about all things gadgety, Shift, we boldly explored how e-readers could save magazines and newspapers.

Take a look at hot tech stories from the week:

Stunning Corvette concept car to star in upcoming Transformers movie
The loyal Autobot Sideswipe will be the best-looking set of wheels in the new movie.

Cylon Detector iPhone app shows who you can trust
Is your best friend really a Cylon? How about the cat? Kitty Centurions are the big new threat.

Environment-cleaning skyscraper puts a forest in the sky
Given its horrid looks, I'll keep my forests on the ground, thanks.

Doctors demo Star Trek healing laser that's better than stitches
Science fiction made real — now how about some teleporters?

Conduit concept phone: Why aren't all phones this sexy?
A mobile workstation and phone all rolled up into one gorgeous package.

Thanko launches palm-sized mini-projector
The power of projection for your tiny gadgets, right in the palm of your hand.