We need Steampunk Cylons for our contest; this isn't one of them

Guys, this isn't a Steampunk Cylon. That is, this isn't a design of a Cylon — one of the robotic baddies from Battlestar Galactica — made to look like it was created sometime in the 19th Century. Rather, it's just a cool graphic of a regular Cylon. Why should you care? Because if you've got any Photoshop or modeling skills, and want to win some swag, you should be designing Steampunk Cylons, since we have a little contest going on that requires you designing just those things.

Still, that doesn't mean we can't appreciate cool non-steampunk Cylon art in the meantime. This particular piece was made as a desktop background by Kara Stenberg. We can't help but admire the color choice and overall composition. Acquire it here.

Oh, and we've got a Steampunk Cylon Contest going on! Full details below.

DVICE Steampunk Cylon Contest