Ugly body mods turn regular 1992 Civic into a 95 MPG gas sipper

While the car companies have been beavering away to create new technologies that increase vehicle efficiency, Mike Turner of South Carolina spent $400 to create some pretty hideous aerodynamic mods, which lowered his Civic's drag coefficient to 1.7. That's about half of most current new cars, and it enables him to achieve 95 miles per US gallon at a constant 65 miles per hour.

Now I'm not suggesting that we should all go out an stick some hideous plastic appendages on our cars, but perhaps the car companies should spend a little more time making our vehicles more aerodynamic. For a while Honda was making a super aerodynamic car called the Insight that managed 48 mpg city and 58 mpg highway, but they discontinued it in 2006. What gives?

AeroCivic, via