The Best of New York Toy Fair 2009

The annual Toy Fair opened up at the Javits Center in New York City this weekend. Ignoring the predictable remote-control helicopters, planes, robot animals and lame board games, we still found 10 worthy gems hidden among the miles of plush toy dross. You can see our favorites in the gallery below. Here's what you're looking at:

• It's a tri-scooter. Pumgo ($300) — short for "pump and go" — is an aluminum-alloy scooter with three wheels and two pedals that you "pedal" up and down rather than around. Great for the legs.

• No more squinting into a microscope: The 3MP HiRo Cam by Premier ($190) replaces the eyepiece of any DIN-compatible microscope and lets you view your slide subject on a PC via a USB connection. There are also 1.3MP ($150) and 0.3 MP ($50) versions.

• Buy a Hot Rods-like model car ($16-$20) from 10Vox Entertainment. Enter the included code at Find an online 3D version of said car. Pimp your car. Race car against time, against your PC, against up to seven of your friends on a dozen or so tracks. For free. Zoom zoom.

• Instead of environmentally incorrect batteries, Hybrid2 and Owi vehicles use solar-power to roll or whirl or twirl or motor. They're endlessly entertainment as long as they don't encounter shade or clouds.

• If you don't consider batteries ecologically sinful, two button cells run the fourth Hex Bug Micro Robotic Creature, an ant ($10) that skitters ickly at roach-like speeds, 10 times faster than previously Hex Bugs, even if you don't turn on the lights.

• Coming this summer from Erector are five rolling and dancing robots ($20-$200) that each answer to different command sources, including your voice or your cellphone. A Skypee with a built-in webcam can be controlled and accessed via the Internet from any PC anywhere via Wi-Fi. Assembly required (hence the name of the company).

• Live In Concert isn't a promotion, it's a boombox from the subtle-named Awesome Toys that displays four holographic girls who dance to whatever music you jack into it, including karaoke. Coming with Live ($130) in the fall are cartridges featuring holograms of well-known acts in concert.

• This fall, TechnoSource will update Rubik's Cube with touch sensitivity so you can slide colors instead of turning sides, an accelerometer and internal memory to save your incomplete attempts.

• Updating the Etch-a-Sketch for the digital age is BluePixo (April, $60-$70), which has a 3.2-inch touchscreen that you can draw and paint on with the included stylus.

• And when you're done playing, curl up with Gentle Giraffe ($24-$26), the latest Cloud-b sleep-assisting plush toy. Like the company's Sleep Sheep and Dozy Dolphin, the Giraffe emits four different soothing sounds to help put you — or, better yet, your child — to sleep.