Tiny Philips Bluetooth music earphones have a magic gestural interface

These Philips SHB 7110 earphones are swank enough for us to get over our loathing of Bluetooth. There's a microphone in there somewhere, and with a single touch you can tap into a cell phone call while you're listening to music.

The gestural touch interface lets you adjust the volume with a quick slide of your finger, and you transfer a call to your cell phone by merely taking the earpieces off. Too bad there's a wire connecting the two earpieces — at first we though these were like the exquisite $500 Sennheiser MX W1 cable-free (and Bluetooth-free) earphones.

Let's hope these headphones won't cost that much. In the design phase thus far, pricing of these attractive Philips cans hasn't been announced.

Via Philips