THQ builds full-sized Space Marine Rhino APC to run over full-sized cars

When video game publisher THQ decided to scare up some attention for its upcoming release, Relic's Dawn of War 2, the company did the right thing — it built a tank. Fans of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k universe will recognize said tank as a Rhino troop carrier from the Space Marine army, which is the side players take control of in Dawn of War 2's campaign.

THQ and Games Workshop partnered with UK-based Tanks-A-Lot to bring the Space Marine APC to life using a tank husk from World War II. For those interested, THQ's got a series of diaries detailing the construction of the Rhino that make for a pretty good read. Now get to that video above and watch cars go smoosh under the Rhino's treads.

THQ UK, via CrunchGear