This Just In: Dell XPS 435 packs impressive power inside sporty design

Dell flaunts its design chops with this Studio XPS 435 Desktop Computer, officially rolled out this morning. It's packing the latest tech, with new Intel Core i7 processors, room for 24GB of faster DDR3 tri-channel memory, and enough bays for 4.5TB of storage.

And then there's the hot design. We've laid eyes and hands on this baby at a secret briefing last month, and we're here to tell you: this is one gorgeous and practical PC. We like its swept-back stance with the red accents, but our favorite design detail is the tray up top, perfect for charging up your handheld devices, with three USB ports conveniently located nearby.

The price is right, too, starting at $1,099. Of course, when we tricked it out with the fastest Core i7 Extreme Edition 3.2GHz processor, 1.5TB of storage and a Blu-ray burner, it ran the price up to $2,919, but that's still a pretty good deal. Sure beats that ancient Dell XPS from 2000 we beat up on yesterday, and makes us wonder how this new one will look and perform nine years from now.

Via Dell