The tiny, turbo-charged Tramontana R, a 760 horsepower joyride for two

For a whopping $495,000, you can buy a barn — a turbo-charged one that looks like a jet fighter without wings and comes packed with 760 horses. It's the Tramontana Group's Tramontana R Edition, and it's a lot of speed in a small package. The two-seater weighs in at around 2,750 pounds, and it's only 16 feet long and just a bit more than four high. It can go from 0-100 kph in only 3.6 seconds. After that, you can hit 200 kph in just over 10.

That all sounds pretty damn impressive to me. Even more eye-catching, though, is the Tramontana R's sleek good looks. It's like a Transformer waiting to happen. Check out more of it in the images below.

Autoblog, via The Design Blog

CORRECTION: The article first reported the Tramontana R's speeds in miles-per-hour. It now correctly states kilometers-per-hour.