Sushi making tube pushes out perfect rolls — hungry yet?

The Sushi Maker Set promises a perfect roll in three easy steps: pack each half of the tube, snap them together and then push out the sushi cylinder onto a bed of nori for wrapping. The only real obstacles I see here are the ingredients falling out when you go to close it, or the rice being pushed out in a big mess — real sushi rice needs a little bit extra to hold together.

We find sushi-aid gadgets to be a bit of a curiosity. After all, when you serve it up to friends at hangouts and parties, most of the admiration you'll get is for how you made it. Whip out something like the Sushi Maker Set and suddenly your guests may not be so jazzed. That and it's $25 — pretty steep for some molded plastic. Either way, it's small enough to hide in the cabinet. Nobody has to know, right?

Sushi Maker Set, via 7Gadgets