Stunning Corvette concept car to star in upcoming Transformers movie

Director Michael Bay is putting the finishing touches on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, on track for its Summer, 2009 debut. A newcomer to the Transformers franchise will be this Corvette Stingray concept vehicle, playing the part of transforming vehicle "Sideswipe." We doubt GM will ever build an exotic Corvette exactly like this, but at least the company could consider installing that wrap-around windshield on some of its upcoming cars.

You'd never know GM was in deep trouble by watching this summer's Transformers, which will also feature a return of the Camaro, reprising its role as Bumblebee from the first Transformers movie, a couple of cars patterned after the upcoming Chevy Spark playing Skids and Mudflap, and a Chevy Volt in its debut role as Jolt. Now if GM can just survive until summer, the movie won't seem like an car-filled graveyard of unrealized dreams.

Via Jalopnik