Steampunk Cylon Design Contest: Show us some old-school robots

So when the Galactica crew discovered a scorched Earth earlier this season, they dug up some very interesting remains. There they are in the pic above — Cylon centurions, but yet… not. Clearly created by the Cylons on the 13th colony, these centurions are a mystery: Why were they created? And what was the design based on?

We'll have to wait for the series to answer the first question, but these Cylons' design just might be from a highly unlikely source — our Steampunk Cylon Design Contest! Hey, it could happen. Maybe some aspiring designer like yourself sends us an incredible rendering that robot makers quickly whip up and adapt into the real thing. Then we enslave those robots, genocidal wars ensue, and, well, it all gets a little complicated after that.

The important thing is that your design can endure! Submit your design of what you think a Steampunk Cylon would look like — that would be a Cylon from the 19th century — and send it into Full rules are in the link below. Good luck!

DVICE Steampunk Cylon Design Contest