Enter DVICE's Steampunk Cylon Contest!

If you've ever wondered what some of your favorite sci-fi characters would look like in a steampunk universe, believe me, someone has probably wondered it before you. Wondered it, and created a model, drawing or rendering of what they imagine that character or object would look like if it were conceived in the 19th century.

The only thing is, they probably got it wrong. Just look at these attempts to steam up some popular sci-fi franchises. Some of them aren't bad, but you could do better. Now's your chance. Just design a Steampunk Cylon — one of those badass robots from Battlestar Galactica — and send in your drawing, rendering or photo to editor@dvice.com to win. It's that easy.

Here's an example of what we're looking for. Again, cool stuff, but we know you can do better than that. Full rules are in the link below. Good luck!

DVICE Steampunk Cylon Contest