Star Trek communicator actually communicates

There's no shortage of Star Trek communicator replicas, but this one's different: Instead of playing a repertoire of goofy sound effects, it's actually a communicator. If you use a VoIP phone system such as Skype (which has been recently improved a lot) on your Mac or PC, this realistic replica wirelessly connects to a USB transceiver and beams your conversations into the final frontier and back. Now all it needs is that little chirping sound when you open it.

Will somebody just go ahead and make this timeless design into a regular cell phone? Ever since the Motorola StarTAC (get it? StarTAC/ Star Trek?), phone makers have been flirting with the whole Star Trek communicator paradigm.

But then, it might be difficult to be taken seriously when talking into one of these, so maybe that's why it's never made it as a cell phone. If you do decide to go for it, just don't wear a red shirt when you're talking on it, or your chances of being killed will suddenly increase by 73%.

Via Oh Gizmo