Square Enix pwns counterfeit sword makers

I'm not sure why Square Enix felt the need to issue a press release for their victory against some dudes in Georgia making unlicensed Final Fantasy swords. I suppose toy swords are serious business. But after the Georgians were slapped with a $600,000 judgment, they arrived at an undisclosed settlement with Square Enix, who then issued a press release to guys like me who didn't even know there was a demand for Final Fantasy swords, authentic or otherwise.

Part of the settlement seems to involve making the fake swordsmiths apologize. The press release pointed out that the perps had this to say for themselves:

We regret having sold unauthorized replica merchandise based on the FINAL FANTASY franchise to our customers. We would not have begun importing and selling these swords if we knew that Square Enix would respond so aggressively to stop us. We will never make this mistake again.
Square also revoked their TV privileges for a week.

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