Sony Rolly leads an orchestra of Aibo dogs

Sony may have taken the tough decision to put a shotgun to project Aibo and wind down its robotics division, but that hasn't stopped 37 loyal Japanese Aibo owners from getting together for a concert… of sorts. Conducting the digital doggies: a Sony Rolly.

When it's not tumbling off tabletops, the breakdancing MP3 player is quite capable of delivering audio tracks that the Aibos can respond to in unison. The Aibos themselves, ranging from the first-generation mutts to the last version of programmable pooches Sony produced, arrived in their best show outfits and performed for this short YouTube flick with (near) flawless timing. Is this a new lease of life for the defunct toys, or a more sinister and unnervingly organized uprising? We may need some robot dogcatchers soon.

Robot-Watch, via BotJunkie