Solar Venetian blinds store energy by day, give it back by lighting up the night

Take some Venetian blinds, put solar panels on them, store their energy with modern batteries, and later apply that power to electroluminescent foil, and you get yourself some ... Blight? Okay, Belgian designer Vincent Gerkens may not have known what the word "Blight" means, but he's still definitely onto something here with this blinds/light design concept.

We like the notion of teaming up solar energy and windows. There's something logical and satisfying about extracting power from the light you're blocking during the day, and saving it for later, when it's dark. Cover all your windows with these, save the planet. This is one of the competitors in the GreenerGadgets design competition; voting ends February 20th, so click on your fave now. This one's certainly getting our vote.

Via Core 77