SMELLIT could someday bring Smell-o-vision to a nose near you

We used to joke about Smell-o-Vision, but now Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira shows us how it might work in this design concept. His idea is called SMELLIT, and it brings contextual fragrances to viewers' noses via 118 aroma cartridges, each triggered by reading "smell information" embedded in a DVD.

About 20 seconds before, say, a character in a movie begins eating popcorn, the SMELLIT uses its digital smell technology (DST) to start cranking out a corresponding odor. Then that aroma — or stench, as the case may be — wafts into the room, propelled by a small on-board fan.

Nuno doesn't mention if all those odors will be pleasant, but judging from one of the pics in the gallery below, it looks like anything goes in the gut-wrenching aroma department. Imagine using the SMELLIT on a movie like Slumdog Millionaire — you know the scene we're talking about.

Behance, via Gizmowatch