Samsung Blue Earth solar cell phone, saving the planet one call at a time

Samsung jumps onto the green bandwagon with this Blue Earth cell phone, equipped with a solar panel on the back that'll charge it up any time you're out in the sunshine. You do go out in the sunshine, don't you, readers? Inside or out, sunny day or not, we think it's a nice-looking phone, and certainly an improvement over older solar cell phones we've seen.

Samsung's not stopping with just that neato solar panel. The company's gone all-out with its greenatude, making the phone out of recycled plastic, adding a energy efficient charger for those cloudy days or homebody phone talkers, and even stuffing it all into recycled packaging.

Look for the Samsung Blue Earth to ship sometime in the second half of this year, and in the meantime, see if you can find a pair of pants with pockets that somehow let the sun shine onto a cell phone nestled within.

Ubergizmo, via Pocket Lint