Samsung Memoir cell phone has groundbreaking 8-megapixel camera, lots more

Okay commenters, we hear you. We won't compare the gorgeous Samsung Memoir mobile phone to the iPhone. We'll just talk about that honking 8-megapixel camera on board, coupled with a xenon flash. Finally, a cell phone with a real camera hits U.S. shores. We have a hunch that lurking underneath that lens is Samsung's remarkable 8.5mm-thick camera module, announced last year, that's capable of some serious photography.

Flip it over and there's a big touchscreen running Samsung's TouchWiz user interface. Couple that with an onboard music and video player, 3G connectivity, multimedia messaging, turn-by-turn GPS directions, stereo Bluetooth, and voice dialing, and you a worthy competitor to, uh, lots of other cell phones. Wonder if it can do copy and paste.

Look for the Memoir later this month only on T-Mobile, rumored to cost around $299 with a 2-year contract.

Gizmodo, via TFTS