Queued allows you to access your Netflix account online and off

At the onset, Queued by SitePen may confuse you a little bit. It's a desktop application that'll let you do everything you can on Netflix's website all within an alternative graphical layout.

So why bother with anything but the website? With Queued, you're always able to manage your account online or off, as the program gathers as much data as it can about Netflix whenever you're connected, harvesting everything from what new movies have been added to the library to what you've got on the way. Once you connect to the net again it updates your information.

Think of it as a consolidated, faster GUI for Netflix that isn't really dependent on anything to work. It's the same kind of thought driving Google Gears, as software engineers take a look at how we access the information we have between our computers and the Internet, and when it's appropriate to merge the two.

SitePen, via Lifehacker