Purely Anion CFL bulbs save enegy, might make you feel good

We've all gotten the message that compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are more efficient than incandescents, but Purely Anion's CFLs take the green theme and extra step. the company's bulbs include a negative-ion generator, adding some good feeling to your light. Negative ions are said to have beneficial effects to indoor environments, which are typically flooded with positive ions from things like TV screens. With negative ions counteracting the glut of positive ones, Purely Anion claims its bulbs allegedly can:

  • • Remove cigarette smoke and dust
  • • Reduce e. coli and ozone in the air
  • • Create 900,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter

Its sounds a bit far-fetched, but apparently there's more to back up the positive effects of air ionizers than magentotherapy. Are we convinced enough to spend $20 on a 15-watt (equivalent of a 60W incandescent) bulb? Not when a 6-pack of regular CFLs is 13 bucks. But we might if we had allergies. If you're interested, the company also have 20-watt (75W, $22) and 25-watt (11W, $24) bulbs for sale.

Via Purely Anion