Pizza Clippers, scissors that easily dole out your piece of the pie

One look at these Pizza Clippers and you can immediately see their usefulness. Toss those old pizza-cutting implements such as that huge meat cleaver, those sharp, scary rollers, or that outlandish laser pizza cutter, and just cut that 'zza like you would a piece of paper, with the resulting slice safely nestled on its wedge-shaped spatula and ready for slinging at your hungry minions.

Looks like it's big enough to cut up a really big pizza, too. Of course, that huge arc-shaped "pizza rocker" knife used by pizza pros is a lot faster, but it could slice up your countertops, too. And the Pizza Clippers need no cutting board. Sold by the whimsically-named online store Stupididiotic, we think this $20 tool is anything but.

Via Stupididiotic