Phoenix concept car is a truck, muscle car and convertible all in one

The Phoenix is like the buffet of car concepts. Like trucks? Well, it's a bit like a pickup. How about muscle cars? Yeah, it's got that going on, too. Just to further sweeten the pot, it's also a bit of sci-fi, a touch of convertible, and it all comes off like something out of a glossier Mad Max.

Designers Niels Grubak Iversen and David Miguel Moreira Gonçalves, who met at Conventry University in the United Kingdom, created the Phoenix for the Michelin Challenge Design 2009 competition. Of course, since it's a Michelin competition, the duo also gave the car a rad "orbital omni-directional four-wheel-drive system," which allows the vehicle to spin around like a top. Check out more of the Phoenix in the gallery down below.

Via Aszozo