Jaguar C-CX concept brings Tesla-like good looks to hydrogen power

Phillip Dean, a graduate of the Coventry University specializing in transportation design, designed the C-XC as part of a job placement assignment with Jaguar. With sleek stylings like that, we hope he got the job.

On paper, the C-XC is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, with a single-piece glass upper hull that covers the length of the vehicle and improves its aerodynamic profile and keep the inside of the vehicle well lit. Likewise, the covered tires are designed to help keep it lean and mean and, though it may never be manufactured, its production notes include enviro-friendlier materials such as vegetable tan leather and recycled plastic bottles.

Part of getting a new technology accepted in the automotive world, it seems, is making it look good. So far, Dean's on the right track.

Diseno-Art, via Auto Motto