Phantom chest-mounted air supply gives you five more minutes to live

Air. You never know when you're going to find yourself without it, and you do need a steady supply to keep going. Especially if you're underwater, or in a dangerous environment with noxious fumes. That's why Ricardo Baiao designed the Phantom air supply, an emergency oxygen pack that can keep someone breathing for five minutes in a place where they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

The Phantom is designed to be fixed to the front of a wetsuit, giving divers enough time — hopefully — to reach the surface if there's a problem. It's also pretty easy to imagine the Phantom coming in handy for firefighters, sewer workers and other laborers who find themselves breathing what they shouldn't in a day's work. Ricardo Baiao, who seems to enjoy aquatic themes, also designed this dolphin-like concept car.

Via Yanko Design