Old-timey rotary phone hides Bluetooth secret

Everyone will think you're an old-school Luddite when they see this SparkFun rotary phone sitting on your desk, but they'll be so, so mistaken. Inside its ancient exterior lies Bluetooth, ready to pair up with even the most sophisticated cell phones. Don't have a cell phone? You can get one that's a complete cell phone, too.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the only thing that'll give it away is the lack of a cord connecting it to the wall. You can send and receive calls with it, its jangling bell rings when a call's coming in, and you even hear a dial tone when you pick up the receiver.

Going back in time ain't cheap, though — too bad this blast from the past will lighten your wallet by $249.95. But hey, that's about $40 in 1966 dollars ... sounds about right.

SparkFun, via Technabob