NVDRS cassette tape MP3 player brings back the mix tape

You remember audio cassettes, don't you? Of course you do. They weren't the greatest audio format, but they did bring us mix tapes, and I doubt there are many people from a certain generation who don't have a fondness for mix tapes. Unlike MP3 mixes, they required you to fit a specific amount of music on each side, and it was a pain to skip around them. You had to listen to them as a full mix.

That's why I appreciate the NVDRS Tape. It's a concept MP3 player that limits you to 45 minutes of music, or 10 songs. It also cleverly uses the tape form, having you fast forward or rewind by sticking your finger in the cassette hole and twisting, like you're winding up the tape. Unfortunately, it is just a concept, so you won't be able to make mixes for it just yet.

Yanko Design, Via PSFK