Nikon Coolpix P90, the smartest superzoom yet

As we sift through the blizzard of Nikon Coolpix camera announcements this morning, one camera pokes its strange-looking head out of the pack. Behold the Nikon P90, the $400 12.1-megapixel superzoom with a tiltable three-inch viewscreen whose claim to fame is its super-fast picture-taking prowess. How's 15 frames per second (fps) sound? Whoa — next stop, 30fps HD video?

Couple that speed with its honking-giant Canon-beating 24x zoom, enhanced 4-way image stabilization, and ISO 6400 capability, and you might be able to rapidly snag scads of sharp shots from afar. We're wondering how noisy that ISO 6400 looks, working only with 3-megapixel pics and smaller. More impressive is its "best shot selector," able to snap off 10 frames and pick the sharpest one for saving. Add the P90's ability to detect smiles and blinks, and you have yourself a pretty smart camera.

Via Nikon