Logitech G19 keyboard with color LCD display now up for pre-order

In case you didn't see this extraordinary Logitech G19 keyboard with its 320 x 240 color LCD screen at CES last month, here it is, now available for pre-order at Logitech's website. Taking the idea of a keyboard to the extreme, this $200 G-Series device blurs the line between laptop and typing tool. It actually has a mini Linux computer inside, letting you watch internet video or place widgets on that wee screen, front and center and tiltable for your viewing pleasure.

The 4.86-pound behemoth lets you select the precise color of its LED backlights, records macros on the fly, and has 12 programmable keys. If you don't have an extra $200 lying around to spend on a YouTube-viewing keyboard, or don't want to wait for it to ship until next month, might we suggest the excellent Microsoft SideWinder X6 keyboard we picked up on sale at Best Buy yesterday? It has all the best features of this $200 one, for about $135 less.

Logitech, via Technabob