Leon OS: biggest soundbar ever

Soundbars — those elongated speakers that mount underneath your TV — are the new black in home theater sound. But how ridiculous would it look to have a wimpy little soundbar cowering under your massive flat-panel set? Pretty bad, if you ask me. Good thing for you Leon Speakers is building huge custom soundbars to match TV screens up to 120 inches.

The Leon OS Soundbar is completely customizable — pick whatever size or speaker configuration you want. You can get one that's just a center speaker, stereo left and right channels, or a front LCR array with left, center and right speakers all contained in one massive bar. Unlike most soundbars with puny little speaker drivers, the Leon OS uses speakers up to 6 inches across. Apparently, the company once made a soundbar so big it had to be installed with a crane.

Want one for your home theater? The soundbars start at $6,500 and could be ready to ship in three to five days. Dust off your forklift.

Leon Speakers, via CE Pro