Karim Rashid designs Slice, ceramic-bladed kitchen cutters for the 22nd century

Put fancypants designer Karim Rashid in a room full of knives, and he emerges with these beautiful Slice ceramic cutting devices, making our jaws drop in awe. Our first question was, what the heck are those things? Well, from left to right, there's a precision cutter (kinda like an X-Acto knife), a grater, a vegetable peeler, and a "Y peeler" for potatoes and such.

Besides their sci-fi looks, these futuristic implements are packing ceramic blades, which are sharper, harder and stay honed longer than old-timey metal blades. Best of all, these Slice tools are cheap, starting at $7 apiece. Now Karim, get to designing some Slice kitchen knives with green handles to go along with these snazzy gadgets, and our 22nd-century kitchen will be complete.

Slice, via Notcot