iStik's magnetic attraction keeps your iPod in place

iStik's iPod nano case lets you stick your iPod anywhere on your person, assuming you're not a nudist. The iStik uses magnets to keep your iPod in place on your clothing, so no more worries about your iPod bouncing loose if you're running and focused on beating your best time.

The case comes in three parts — a slide-on faceplate and backplate with four magnets in each corner that encases your iPod, and a third fastener plate that also has four magnets. Place the encased iPod against your clothing and stick the fastener plate on the inside of the clothing. The magnets attract, and presto, your iPod stays in place as though it were glued to your shirt.

The iStik for the 4th-gen iPod nano is available now for $25. Since the nano uses flash drive technology, the magnets won't affect its memory, but it can play havoc with your computer's hard drive, so keep it away while surfing for new tracks on iTunes. And they recommend you use it with a "thin, fitted" article of clothing. And their site certainly has plenty of semi-cheesy photos to hit that point home.

Via iStik