Intel unveils super-packed 32nm processors, invests $7 bil to make them in the US

Intel is moving beyond the 45nm chip into denser territory. The company gave a first-ever demo of a 32nm Westmere chip — though no performance benchmarks are available at this time — and rumor has it that the packed processors could make their way into laptops as early as this year. We're inclined to believe that rumor as Intel just sank $7 billion dollars into American factories in Arizona, New Mexico and Oregon, and Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini even got a call from President Obama to commend him.

From Computer World:

Otellini said Obama called him last night to congratulate him on company's decision. The president "reminded me that he sees the Intel logo every morning when he opens up his laptop; I was pleased to hear that," he noted.
Intel's move to produce the chips in the US as opposed to overseas will come as a boon to American labor, and its $7 billion is an investment in American infrastructure. The company could have scored incentives by going with foreign plants already geared to produce 32nm chips, which will most likely replace 45nm processors as the most profitable chip configuration to manufacture very soon.

Via Engadget and Computer World