In the future, UNITX will deliver your packages through robotic tunnels

Take a gander with me into our DVICE crystal ball — and what do we see? Artist and entrepreneur Michael Marcovicia's UNITX, or united networks international transport exchange, which shoots package-bearing "logibots" through a series of electrified tunnels to deliver packages around dense urban centers. No more trucks, and no more missing your packages because you weren't home to sign for them.

From the designer:

The implementation of UNITX could change the economy dramatically, the repairing and borrowing of goods will be much easier, and logistics and warehousing would undergo fundamental changes as well; also, the relation between producer and customer could be enhanced radically, with UNITX holding potential for a completely new dimension of service on a much more personal and individual level.
Will we ever see such an intricate network put in place? Maybe not, but it sure beats giant mutant carrier pigeons.

UNITX, via Core77, via BotJunkie