iChange: shape-shifting car controlled by your iPhone

Rinspeed sure has a few odd vehicles in its stable — just look at the company's transparent car, or its underwater convertible. Now Rinspeed is rolling out the diminutive iChange in time for the Geneva Motor Show, which the company bills as "the world's first car whose body adapts to the number of passengers on board," and everything from the shape-shifting seats (shown first in the gallery below) to the ignition is controllable with an iPhone.

From Rinspeed:

An initial walk-around reveals that the concept car has no doors. The entire electrically powered roof section… tilts forward to allow passengers to board. Also gone are such mundane things as a key. Its role is filled by an Apple iPhone, which also controls the most important vehicle functions… The energy for the electric motor comes from lithium-ion batteries that are available in two different stack configurations for short- and long-distance driving.
So you get to sit up front like you're piloting a jet while one to three passengers sit behind, depending on how you have the seats laid out. We may never be driving anything even resembling the iChange, but it sure is purty — as the pictures below handily prove.

Wired, via CrunchGear